The Brand


"Gem Island is above all, a story about travel, inspiration and curiosity.

It is the love of beautiful things and

the pleasure of sharing it.

It is the discovery of artists, alchemists who sublimate

their identity through their art.

It is a world where femininity, modernity and elegance rhyme."


The Creator

"Inès created her jewel brand in 2015 in Bordeaux.

She had always been inspired by a family made of Artists.

Her oriental origins illustrate her inspiration for unique collections.

Autodidact, she draws all her creativity from her passion for art linked to those of travels.

Her wish to evolve in a creative universe had lead Inès towards this wonderful adventure.

Through her creations, she seeks to offer the possibility to all women to sublimate

her femininity. "



The Workshop & Our Jewels

"Made in France, Gem Island's collections are designed and

assembled in the creator's workshop in Bordeaux.

Jewels are then, gold-plated in a Parisian workshop.

The master of all manufacture steps guarantee quality and transparency.

Each stone is carefully selected.

Gem Island knew how to create a close relationship with her collaborators.

She is working since the beginning with a small family workshop in Jaipur in India.

Willing to offer a liable brand, the equity established with her partners allows

Inès to follow her commitments.

The conception of those collections is defined by a subtle combination of elegance, sensibility and originality.

Through the selection of semi-precious stones and qualitative material she is creating unique jewels for exceptional women.

Gem Island jewels are the result of an ancestral know how and artisanal work that add a real soul to our jewels. "


Responsibility & Conscious

We do believe environmental and social responsibility is the best way forward.

Our desire to create a responsible way of creating, forces us every day to seek solutions to be as fair and ethical as possible.

Our collections are made from responsible materials. Each piece is handmade by artisans using high quality raw materials. All natural gemstones are quality AAA and carfully selected.

Each order is shipped in a recycled paper envelope, an organic cotton pouch and a FSC recycled box.

We wish to eliminate unnecessary packaging as much as possible.

Gem Island is a sophisticated signature for a beauty magnified.



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